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This month_August is a very special one for me, especially as my blog would be turning one. Although little has been achieved, but with consistency and hard work we’ll get there. After-all anything worth doing is worth doing well.
Moving over to today’s post. virtually everyone is into fashion_buying clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelries, that to me is fashion. But on the hand, not everyone really knows how to combine to fit and look good, responsible and classy.
Fashion is a form of communication, what you wear has a lot to say about you. So say something nice”…
What you call fashion and are comfortable in may be a blunder/mistake and embarrassing to the outside world. Going back in time to Discover Your Personal Style-Body Type  I shared a few tip to dressing appropriately.
However, what you call fashion/ properly dressed could be a mistake, here’s a few;
  • Showing Too Much Skin: This is definitely one of the worst fashion mistakes. Showing too much skin, cleavage doesn’t make you look sexy or attractive. If you ask me, it depreciates your worth thereby making you look irresponsible and uncultured. Revealing too much skin as you may believe would attract the opposite sex, but if there is any attention you’ll be getting, it certainly would be the wrong kind.

  • Bad Fit: Wearing clothes rather too small or too large but definitely do not fit right and bring out the best of your curves could be a fashion mistake.

  • Jewelry Overload: Without a doubt, jewelries add glamour, spice to an outfit thereby enhancing a look. Overdoing it on the other hand, is one of the worst fashion mistakes and should be avoided otherwise look like a Christmas tree.

  • Too Much Makeup: Makeup is every ladies recipe. Every woman would want to take her good looks up a notch, but there is definitely a difference between good makeup and blunder. Wearing too much makeup could ruin your good looks and day. While some people may not know when a makeup is over, on the other hand always hook up to keeping it simple, gone are the days for too much makeover. Simplicity is in vogue.
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  • Socks & Sandals: Ok, here’s for the men especially who feel pairing these give an attractive look. Excuse me, sandals are meant to give a comfort with lots of ventilation to the foot, otherwise bringing a fabric in-between is rather a mistake.

  • Appearance: To wrap it all up, you don’t want to be called up or rather told by a passerby to be mindful of your short dress, see through dresses, underwear lines because it could really be embarrassing. Choose the length of dress/skirt that will flatter your look, not provocative. Be mindful of your underwear lines, its not classy to allow the lines show on your outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post? What other fashion mistakes could you possibly know or have noticed? I’d really love to hear from you in the comment section

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