Random Facts: Get To Know Me


Hello guys,
So I’ve received random emails about getting to know me better. Seeing as my blog is still relatively new, I have been thinking of this post for a long while now and this seems like a great way to keep close and get to know me better. Like I did a preamble here and promised here. Hope you enjoy reading the random facts about me.

I love music, alternatively rock is my favorite.

I am the first born of my parents.

I’m a bold person.

The majority of my wardrobe consists of white clothing. 

I love to dance.

I generally prefer vanilla to chocolate.

I’m a petite girl, 5.4.

I may look 17 or 18 but am actually twenty something.

I have a great sense of smell.

I eat very small portion of food even when am very hungry, no wonder i can't get fat.

I’m a clean freak, can’t stand dirt.

I laugh a lot.

I love to travel.

Okra soup is my favourite.
I love to wear denim and polo.

I enjoy sweet things more than I do savory.

I was born and raised in Nigeria.

Spiders are my biggest phobia.

I studied computer science.

My taste in books ranges from the classics to young adult fantasy novels.

I have 3 gorgeous sisters and 2 brothers.

I’m single but I have a special someone.

I’m a passionate and driven person, I get invested in whatever I set myself to do.

I love wearing glasses. Tom-ford is my favourite.

My favorite color is mint.

I have more of male friends than female.

When I’m home, am always in my room.

While everyone loves chicken, I don’t.

Perfumes are my best cosmetics.

The first thing I do when I get home is open the fridge.

I hope by now you virtually know a lot about me. If you need any clarification, please leave me a comment. I nominate you cuties to tell me about yourselves. I’ll really love to know you better…SHARE let’s CONNECT!!

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