10 Spiffy Ways To Wear Maxi Skirt


Hello guys!
Am not a skirt lover but if I must wear one, that’ll have to be a maxi skirt. Maxi skirts is one of the most comfortable, flattering piece of women’s clothing and it works just fine for me.

Rocking a maxi skirt sometimes depends on your height, it fits tall and slim women better does not mean fat and petite ladies should be left out. With proper styling, you can create a taller and leaner look.

A normal maxi skirt should hit few inches above the ankle and try as much as possible to avoid floor sweeping maxi skirts to ensure ease of walking and comfort. Maxi skirts are worn either on the waist or above as high waist considering the type of skirt. They can be worn for fashion, church service, work, casual outfit depending on the styling, proper blend of colour, top and accessories.

Meanwhile, 10 spiffy ways to wear maxi skirt:

Gray & White stripes Maxi Skirt
Olive Green Maxi Skirt
Blue Maxi Skirt

Off Shoulder Crop Top with a Flowy Open Maxi Skirt

Pink and White Stripes Maxi Skirt

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Alice and Olivia Pleated Satin Maxi Skirt

Leather Jacket with Deep Sea Green Skirt

A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest ” 

White and Grey Maxi Skirt

Earthly Maxi Skirt
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What is the right way to wear maxi skirt  
  • For slim women, a pencil maxi skirt will look great on
  • Billowy maxis plus spaghetti tops or sleeveless goes for slim and tall ladies
  •  Billowy skirts pairs with a fitted top while tight skirts pairs with a loose top
  •   Blazers look good with a plain skirt
  •  Denim and jacket makes a casual look.

Right shoes to wear with a maxi skirt
Before thinking about what shoes to wear your maxi skirts with, first consider the length of your maxi skirt. Always pair your shoes with your top or go for all black.
  • Floor flowing maxi skirts goes with heels
  •  Maxi skirts could match with wedges  for the petite women
  • Strapped flats are good for tall women
  • For a proper casual look, canvas sneakers makes a good combination
A spiffy styling of a maxi skirt can not be under-emphasized when properly blended with accessories.

All photos inspired by Pinterest.


How would you wear a maxi skirt? I’d really love to know. Leave me your comment, SHARE, let’s CONNECT…


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  1. wow, i love maxi dresses and maxi skirts, this post will help me reinvent the look thanks a lot and cheers.i always tend to go wrong with footwear and this post resolves many of my queries on that part.

  2. I love maxi skirts, the only problem I have is that I am short, so I have to alter them to fit me (I don't like tripping on them, lol). My favorite one on your list is the olive green, that one is really pretty. Blessings


    1. To alter it is very cool long as it gives a positive result and good fitting, doesn't matter if you are short or not, it all depends on the styling. thanks

  3. I love all of these maxi skirts - just not sure they'd suit me :/

    1. Why not? give it a try, that's if you are really down for it. thanks


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