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Cosmetics- Every Ladies Glamour

Hey guys,
I trust you all are having a lovely week. Mine has been filled with ice-cream and popcorn. I and my bestie discovered this ice-cream joint and we are gradually becoming regular customers.

Meanwhile a sneak peek into my everyday glamour, a quick beauty post. I’ll be sharing with you guys, my lovely friends 5 items that makes my glamour, my everyday cosmetics. Definitely affordable and works just fine for my skin tone.

Idole Papaya Whitening Facial Soap: This is one classic soap that I can never have enough of. I actually don’t use much on my skin, I have a natural healthy and problem free skin but all I wanted was a well toned skin. I’ve been using this product for over a year and it works just fine for me. This brand lathers really well and also has a nice floral scent. It is definitely affordable and can be purchased in any super store around you.

Easy White (Egg Yolk) Cream: I love this product, a little bit new in the market, it is the only cream that gets my dry skin through, not greasy at all and also has a nice fragrance. I had used skin white naturals whitening lotion(papaya milk) in the past, worked greatly on my skin not until I got a bad one, noticed my skin had gotten dull and was breaking.

Juiced Berry Beauty Rush: This is one perfume that proofs right on, smells like flower and soaks right in. like I told us here it is one thing I can’t do without. This cologne was recommended to me by a friend sometime in August 2016, I purchased the first one on 20th August 2016 and it lasted till February 2017. And so am recommending this to you guys too, the fragrance is cool, lasts long and affordable too.

Word For Today: Cosmetics should never be used to hide yourself, it should be used to enhance your natural beauty

Rexona (men): I am obsessed with this anti- perspirant. This is one deodorant I don’t do without. It helps me on sweaty days, kills the under arm sweats and keep me dry all day. Yes! For men, I’d prefer the ‘for men’ deodorants anyday.

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Silver Rose Flavoured Lip Balm: Yass!! my love affair with wearing lipsticks is definitely nothing to write home about, so on days I don’t feel up to wearing lipsticks, lip balm goes for me. I’ve been using lip balms for years and years. I just love it because it’s not greasy, lasts and works great.

Silver rose lip balm are not so popular, it’s pretty long lasting and the application is real easy and is smooth. Also has this sweet flavour when applied that you’ll be tempted to lick it all off.

I recommend these products, not because they are totally affordable but because they go for all skin type and are of great quality.

 Rememer, Makeup/Cosmetics don’t have to break your bank.

Shop for your affordable cosmetics HERE

What do you think of these products? Which item have you used or will recommend? Leave me your thoughts, SHARE, let’s CONNECT.


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  1. I need to share this post so more ladies can read and make use of the products you've mentioned here.

    1. Thanks Blessing, i'll really appreciate that and am glad you like the post. i hope you drop by again.

  2. I can totally agree with papaya being good for face. I have heard about it and now I am definitely going to try.

    1. You really have to try it Megha, papaya works really well, i have been using it for over a year and it definitely works for every skin tone, thanks for dropping and i hope you visit again.


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