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Hello beauties,

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Let’s Dig In
It has been a great and fulfilling day indeed, I woke up to a Sandals (Flats) Wishlist this morning and thought to share it with you guys. One can never have enough sandals and these would complete my list of iwant sandals for now.

Nivea Slip Sandal

Gladiator Sandal

Pastel Chevron Studded Sandal

Lace Up Schutz Mango Shoe

Ankle Strap Leather Sandal

Gladiator Greek Leather Sandal

You guys may not know but I love flats a lot and I stare at these items and am like “If only wishes were horses” Lol.

Thanks to CHRISTIAN HEELS, that has promised to realizing my wishes, you should go follow him up on Instagram at Christ_Heels and order for your standard Heels and Flats. 

Which would you add to your wishlist?  SHARE, let's CONNECT


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  1. These Niveau slip sandals are so damn cute.

  2. These are really beautiful sandals.The one Ankle Strap Leather Sandal is my favourite!

  3. I'm not a big fan of flats but I do love me some lace ups!!!

  4. What unique styles. Sandals have really progressed since the simple slip on flip flops of the 80's. I love the designs.


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