Check Out How Stylish Baby Corper Rocks NYSC Kit


When was the last time you got cracked up? These creative photos of baby Carrissa - the stylish NYSC baby corper will get you laughing real hard. When I saw this, I wished I was at the orientation camp to take some photos with baby and mum. See cute baby and mum after the cut.

Cute Carrissa at NYSC camp
Cute Carrissa at NYSC camp
Baby Carrissa seems to have been properly kit and made ready for the orientation camp by her mum. Don't they just look astounding?

Gorgeous corper mum with cute baby
According to mum, "When you have a beautiful daughter, this is what you hear: Wow! She cute, where's my phone? Can I snap with her? Snap me! Snap me!"

Cute baby Carrissa, poses with mum and camp officials
Even newly arrived corpers of the NYSC Batch B Stream 2 seemed to have a lot of fun with the baby in their midst.

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  1. Lol.. Quite interesting. Coper wiiiiiiii

    1. *smiles*, she looks absolutely cute. thanks anyway for dropping by and hope you visit again.


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