A closer view into 'Freedom Falls'


I’ve  always wanted to have a closer view  into Freedom Falls and so I decided to visit it today since I was kinda bored and needed fresh air  *smiles*

If you know or are in Owerri, you probably know or have taken photos here. Although the freedom fall is equal to or not less than 3 years in Owerri ,I’ve always procastinated about coming to take a closer view since I only saw it while passing the area.

Even tho going there on this particular day wasn’t planned but there is nothing wrong in going out for some fresh air right? ye, thought as much                      Had an opportunity to see Owerri’s millions waterfall investment and this buggy man behind me with broken chains which signified freedom . Altho I really expected to see more beauties, crafts, freedom statues, architecture and more buggy man pretty enough to make dope pictures but I’m kinda disappointed.. awww

I had a great time at the freedom falls anyway…I felt freedom *smiles*
Guess who I bumped into………….

      Have you been here before???? What do you think of thisplace???????                                                    Plus, feel free to share let’s connect!!!!!!!!

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  1. The Freedom falls is a beauty to behold and definitely a cool place to unwind. You get to experience the feel of nature at no expense of yours.

  2. The place looks good, no doubt, but I still don't understand why it's called freedom square.. It's not like they share free food or money.

    1. *smiles*.. I actually expected free food anyway or atleast a sachet of water


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