Have you been seeing jean wears lately, that look like torn dresses and you're wondering, "How on earth could one wear or desire an outfit such as this?"

If you've got this thought on your mind, best believe you're not alone.
I asked same questions too until I found that "tear-tear" jean is the latest trend in the fashion world.

Ripped jean is the NEW NORMAL!

So, if you're young and fashionable, but  you never dey wear "tear-tear" jean, you're on a long tin!
 So what really is a 'tear-tear jean' - Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jean is a fashion craze that revolves around wearing jeans which are cut, frayed or bleached. In spite of common sense, it has continued to remain popular with large segments of teenagers and young adults.

So, read on to get a scoop of the different shades of Ripped jeans that are trending.

Buy a ripped jean like the one in the picture here.




There are however, complementing clothes that make ripped jeans dope; some of which are:

  • A silky trench coat + chunky sandals
  • A flattering t-shirt + red lipstick
  •  A bold coat + sleek boots 
  • A sweatshirt + a preppy button-down 
  • A purse + pointed-toe heels
  • A turtleneck + lace-up booties
  • Earrings + a breezy blouse
  • A furry coat + an embellished top
  • A floral blouse + a shoulder bag
  • A tweed blazer + ankle-strap heels
  • A sweater + patent-leather loafers
  • An oxford collar blouse + Birkenstocks 
  • A T-shirt + Puma Fenty flip flop

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