Hey guys!
I trust you all are having a great week. I’m super excited that I’m still here in the northern part of Nigeria (Abuja). For my Nigerian readers, ya’ll already know of the ups and downs in the country (the Biafra thing). Before now, I had thought the NYSC (Blogged here) will automatically be dissolved come October. But God’s love and grace has kept us. No matter the pains,troubles and difficulties in life, we have to be hopeful still right?
I’ve been MIA, but am back full time, I promise.

Let’s dig-in into today’s post…
I’m not the type to use a particular skin care product, except my make-up which consists only of Classic brand-blogged here, but I tried this anyway. I have a natural problem free skin so I never had to worry about anything or using chemicals on my skin. Although one time I started breaking out with nuts on my face (I refer to pimples/boil as nuts) and of all things, really gets me worried and uncomfortable. Yuck!

I did the ‘just give it time’ thing but it was taking too long to clear. At first, I thought it was a sign for the natural ladies phenomenon but it wasn’t, which got me even more worried. I developed a shea-butter routine but didn’t help either. So I decided to ask people and get suggestions, some people said use ‘so and so’ products, others cleanser and develop a skin care routine. I was a bit hesitant especially using cleanser; it’s definitely a thumbs down for me. On the other hand, developing a skin care routine could become a habit and I honestly didn’t want to depend on products/chemicals.

I finally caved in anyway, I did my assignment, did some googling on the basic skin care routine and got to this. Behold! The nuts disappeared and there were slight enhancements on my skin as well.
Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle
I love to explore and try something new especially when the latter starts failing me. (it doesn’t have to be complicated). I also have plans of changing my soap after-all I’m in the spirit of trying something new *smiles*. I plan to give body liquid wash a try, I’ll definitely review here.
Beauty is, being comfortable in your own skin
For skin renewing, I use this St.Ives (collagen & elastin body lotion) but there are lots of options according to your skin type (N2800) which is both affordable and amazing.
St.Ives however, have other products like; visibly clear oil-free facial wash, scrub, cleanser etc. You may want to give it a try for a beginners skin care routine.

Hope you enjoyed this post?

What is your skin care routine like? What products do you go with?

I’d like to read your thoughts in the comment section!!! Let's be friends!! Let’s connect!!


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  1. I've never tried this product, however I also use collagen for my skin and it's amazing! I'm really not surprised you are happy with your results :)

    1. St.Ives is a go-get,trust me. However, if your collagen suits your skin right. good for you.. Thanks for visiting my space tho


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