Classic Matifying Liquid Consealing Foundation


Hello Beauties,

What is your all-time favorite beauty foundation?? I’m currently in-love with these two cuties, “Classic consealing foundation” and "super oil control pressed powder" and I think the one I love the most is the consealing foundation cos it’s the most radiant, the powder is surely a plus.

Today’s post is a “Classic” brand inspired, this review is based on the result I got and not influenced by any one’s opinion. So if you’re either a pretty girl or a subtle/natural look kind of girl, you’ll definitely want to try this liquid matifying foundation. All of you girls are pretty and a little bit beauty products always spices the beauty in us.
By the way, where do you buy your makeup? Do you go for the cheap yet inferior ones because the best are expensive? All these questions I ask whenever I see some ladies wearing bad foundation, all looking shitty and broken, thereby giving a displeasing sight. Yes! buying makeup doesn’t have to break your bank and at the same time, take your good looks up a notch after-all a fresh face can go a long way.

This consealing foundation comes in a transparent bottle with a transparent cover, the foundation itself is thick and creamy and gives a beautiful coverage which makes it very good for people with combination of oily skin. I definitely love the finish of this foundation_dry finish on application. 

It is very brown girl friendly, has good wearing power and lasts all day. Usually, I would do a finish with my oil control pressed Classic powder to give more spice.

On the bright side, it is affordable. I score it a 8/10

Price- #2000- #3000

Where to buy? Most makeup/beauty shops near you
Also click Here to buy online

Shade/color: Ranges depending on your skin tone, skin test is recommended (color 4 preferable for me)     

My experience: Long lasting, easy to blend, gives a subtle/fresh natural look,  good for everyday use, gentle and doesn’t break out.

Overall, this is a beautiful foundation, never sticky or cakey and makes your face flawless. I’d recommend this for especially people with oily medium toned skin complexions.

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I hope you liked my Classic consealing foundation review!!! Have you used this brand also? Please share your honest review below in the comment section

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