5 Rationale I Chose Blogging



Hello cuties, I’m Oluchi, I’ve always been enthusiastic when it comes to beauty/fashion. I particularly plan to run a beauty/fashion Spa in the nearest future, so help me God. And so this gave birth to LuchyDressHouse.

Honestly speaking, I still can’t believe am wholly involved in blogging. At first  when I started, it felt like I wasn’t really upto it, but then I got to meet fellow bloggers and got really inspired. Guess you don’t really know me too well, but I promise to create a post on ‘GET TO KNOW ME’ although I had made a brief intro here. On the other hand, blogging doesn’t seem easy because I have to be consistent with posts and categorizing is another issue we go through.

Yes! Fashion blogging is not as easy as it sounds, much is actually expected, gathering facts to suit the readers and forgive me if my photo quality is not up to expected, I’m actually working towards purchasing a good camera, pardon me for the now.

Anyway, it’s a new target, new focus, new mindset cos the motto is “focusing on been successful

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Word for today: Do the one thing you cannot do, fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. _oprah winfrey

5 reasons I chose Blogging

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working._Pabblo Picesso

                   I.     Over the course of my life, I’ve embraced hobbies like: surfing the web, reading fashion blogs, articles, travelling, makeup games. All these included to inspiring me to blogging. These gave me an eye for meaningful things. In blogging, I get to teach, share ideas and learn new things as well.

                 II.           Been able to write thoughts on paper, blogging process causes me to really think deeper into matters, make research into life and worldview. It trains our mind to track life and articulate changes. Be observant and enhance personal growth we experience.

              III.            Since I’ve always loved been social and making new friends, I want to get to meet new people, know them whether it be through social media, emails, comments, events, tour. And meeting new people could form relationships where we get to help and serve one another. The Blogging community as well, encourage, cheer each other up to succeed. I also want to be introduced to the world, articulate the life I live and decisions I make, share my story and it becomes a digital record of my life saved in the clouds.

              IV.            At a point in one’s life, we all need to do something challenging, step aside your comfort zone and do something new. Starting a blog is easy but managing it, coming up with very nice ideas, building a community of readers, interacting with them is a great challenge and this has really kept me up and doing to learn and grow.

                V.            Personally, cooking up posts, getting inspired gives me the greatest joy. Impacting the world of readers makes me happy. I feel a perfect happiness with every positive comments, shares and email I get from readers.

Ok that’s it. Cheers to greater things!!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment of what you think, and a little idea of what inspires you, lets CONNECT!!



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  1. I really love your blog and your reasons to blog is quite inspiring,God by your side, greater achievement to come.

    1. Thanks a lot dear, this means a lot to me, I appreciate your prayer.


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