A big welcome to Luchy Dress House!


Guess what's new in town? A new spa, you may guess, but nah! Guess again... If your guess is "Luchy Dress House", then you're most definitely right.

I'm Luchy. Am an ardent fashionist and that is what gave birth to this blog you are currently reading.

I intend to achieve a lot with this blog, some of which are: to keep you updated with latest trends in fashion, fashion etiquettes and news in the world of fashion.

And you know, all these can only be made possible when you are always here to read my posts.

With this, I welcome you to Luchy Dress House. Get involved in the conversation and drop your comments or experiences as they relate to the content you read on this blog.

Thanks for dropping by...

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  1. Wow! This is awesome!

    I really admire your posts on your Facebook page. Thanks for creating a blog like this for fashion-conscious people like me. Can't wait to read more of your blog posts.

    Luchy Dress House is the bomb!

    1. Thanks Blessing for visiting us and I hope you had fun.....


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