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Hello cuties,

Get in here, let’s have a little chat on positivity. Hope you’re having a great day, how’s the sun treating you if you’re in Nigeria?
So if you’re following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that most of my photos come with a ‘PositiveVibesOnly’ hashtag on the caption. well, that’s because am always positive and been positive is a practice of hope, faith, happiness, optimistic in attitude. You should be like me in this part no matter the situation.

Ok, am not here to preach cos am not a preacher girl *smiles* but believe me, there is nothing you’re­­­­­­ going through that no one has not passed. “Life is a beautiful place” you know.

If you are feeling stressed?  Breathe and do what you love.

Feeling alone? Pick up your cell and call your friends, invite them over.

Having a bad day? cry if you want to, it eases depression sometimes. Just don’t overthink or stress.

So back to being positive, why I chose Positive Vibes Only? 

Oh! Yes, I am striving to see the positive in every aspect of my life. But it’s not always easy tho, but every now and then, we need motivation to keep swinging. Positive thinking improves my mood, gives me confidence and elevates my hopes.
N|B "An optimistic person sees the opportunity in every difficulty".

There are however, some guide to living positively:

At first, before I came to realization, I used to blame my negativity on situations, outside forces, but never realized it’s something you chose within you, your state of mind and one thing for sure is you don’t live a positive life surrounded by negative people  who don’t encourage your happiness, people who do not push you to be a better version of you. You continue to allow negative minds In your circle because of bond or because they are family, you should learn to cut them off. Some people can be parasites, they suck out your happiness and energy bringing negativity into your life but when you surrender yourself with positive people, you hear positive outlooks, stories and positive affirmations and words that sink and affect your own line of thinking which then affects the world around you.

Comparison is the thief of joy, that’s because comparing yourself with others often leads to discouragement or pride. It isn’t healthy and should be avoided. Sometimes the grass seem greener on the other side but that does not mean it’s actually greener.
Its ok to look/admire greatness, success, love but never compare but rather feel happy with what you have already cause you never know how they got there or what it took them to get there. Constantly wishing your life was like theirs, your face and body were like theirs, your family was like theirs, your partner like theirs, you at the end feel miserable and feel like something is missing in your life. So darling, how about you live simple and appreciate what you have, be happy and if you ever feel you want more, work for it, strive other than compare. There’s a big difference.
Learn to let go even tho its difficult sometimes, but do it for yourself. Remember, hating kills you more than the person you’re mad at. It steals your joy. No matter the hurt, the look-down, underestimate, backstab, abuse, learn to let go, free your soul to live stronger and more powerful.

This is my favorite part and my everyday key to living. Stop over-analyzing, dwelling on thought about something, Constantly thinking about something over and over again. Some people may think answers may come out but what you get is series of worries. Just live and stop worrying, Worry affects your health. Just like little kids and happy couple on dates are happy, live for the moment.


Stay motivated, remain positive.

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  1. Loved your article! I completely agree that positivity is a choice, one that should be made when we choose the people we spend time with and the situations we want to get ourselves into.

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