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Hello guys!
So we are still here, somewhere in the month March. How has the month of March been anyway? Fun, Suck, broke. For me, the month has been a bit slow, rough and daring. I finally got fed up of staying at home, made visits to some organization and firms for a job space. Life after school has not been funny at all.

And so I got inspired and decided to take a really deep thought about the word “Success”.

Did you know you could dress to succeed? Well, yes. Success does not only come by reading and passing tests, your code of dressing and style has a really great role to play too.

Well, that’s not all.

Suit Up: The trouser suit is a comeback. This long trouser has long been unduly disguised as a late-night trouser suit, refined by accessories and is suitable for office or leisure time.

Masculine & Feminine: Victoria Beckham’s look is comprised of both masculine and feminine elements: a white blouse and a skinny tank top, a black clutch and pointed pumps to give the business outfit a perfect finishing. Her outfit is the definition of a business classic woman.

Sporty Chic: Jessica Alba flaunts a perfect ‘casual Friday’ look. This fashion combo of a trench coat and dotted blouse are combined with sporty elements, skinny jeans and a white sneakers which gives an elegant classic look. Strict dress code for the last working day of the week.

Costumes and Trousers Suit: A trouser suit definitely gives security. Blended blazers plus costumes make a classic trend-piece. This outfit is a feminine touch of silk top with lace detailing.

Jeans: Jean at work? Yes! Jeans are allowed in jobs depends on how you style it. Zoe Saldana combines a skinny jean with a pajama style blouse. High heels are a must so that the business outfit does not look too casual.

Dos and Don’ts
There are however, some dos and don’ts to dressing to succeed, these are few styling rules and recommendations that gives a cooperate look.
  • The dress-code in an office depends on the organization, thereby dress to the code as well as always feel comfortable.
  • The best choice of skirts to wear: Midi skirts.
  • Sneakers are office suitable but should be worn only when necessary.
  • In the case of accessories, invest more in high quality bags, preferably in neutral colors for cool combinations.
  • Quality not quantity, two high-quality outfits are better than five low-budget versions. 
NB: Dress how you want to be addressed

What are some ways you dress to succeed, leave me your thoughts, SHARE, let's CONNECT!


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  1. I wear dresses or skirts whenever humanly possible. It's both a comfort factor and I just like how it looks!And a velvet prom dress is the best choose in the daily life.

  2. Thanks Laura for dropping by..

  3. you have nicely showcased the word "success" in detail, looks fabulous

  4. I love the skinny jeans, i gonna rock it to work tomorrow. Lovely Post

  5. i am always a mees with dressing right, definitely following some of your advice's tyvm!

  6. I love the Victoria Beckham style! If I had to dress for success (which will probably/hopefully will some time) I would want to dress like that.

  7. I love casual suits. I love pairing jeans with elegant jackets. I admit though I don't always dress to success. I should more I know. :p

  8. Great post!! Loving all these styles xx


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