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     Hey beautiful people! How are we all doing??

The most important decision as a fashion enthusiast is uncovering your personal style and learning how to dress for your body type. Looking back at my style journey, I’ve come a long way to wearing sleeveless dresses and I feel most comfortable wearing them 

There are different body types which includes the hour glass shape, pear shape, rectangular shape, apple shape. However, learning to dress for your body type is perhaps one of the most important rule of fashion.
In other words, fashion is wearing what is trend but personal life style is our own take or interpretation of fashion.

Well, to be honest, I dress the way I feel and my mood at the time which is a reflection of my personality, the hidden other side.

Dress based on your mood

Discover your sense of style

To really get this working for you, ask yourself some questions like: what’s my lifestyle like? Do I go out often? What kind of dresses am I most comfortable in? what is my occupation?  Which blogger/celebrity style am I inspired by?

After all these questions, then it’s time to start building, purchase pieces to put up your style. Example if you’re more attracted to or comfortable in skimpy dresses, sleeveless dresses, polo, shirts, prints and it soothes your style, then its time to really look into it.

Sleeveless Dress
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Sleeveless Dress

The truth is that until you define your style, you will always be faced with too many clothes but nothing to wear. Remember, what A rocked and slayed may not look great for person B.

Finally, and very important ‘confidence is key’ don’t doubt yourself, wear the clothes and don’t let them wear you…..lol

 Have you discovered your personal style?? hope this post helps...
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  1. wow i love the tips and "wear the clothes, dont let clothes wear you" a wonderful post, need to work on my sense of style in a new way, thanks and cheers

  2. my personal style is classic and comfortable. I am very active, so comfy is a must, and I like a classic style, because I can just add to it relatively easy, and it does not go out of style.



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