A good woman with good shoes is never ugly­_coco chanel

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"Show me your shoes and I will tell who you are”. Apart from my Zara ankle strap stiletto, this Chanel flat is also one of my favorite leg wear. I love shoes no doubt and my choice ranges but my buying habits aren't consistent enough. The quickie slipper/sandal has always been the thing for me because I sometime feel shoes make me look a bit too serious. Hmmm!! I wonder why the feeling.

Without further ado, I will tell you a bit about Zara-Chanel. Most times you must have done shopping for their wonderful collection of dresses, bags, tops and coat but very few ladies really look into their shoes collection. Without doubt, it is one of every girls sure buy item. They give this classy look, are of high quality and are affordable too.

Zara-Chanel sells both men’s and women’s clothes, they also sell cosmetics and accessories.I got this Zara piece while windows shopping and I just couldn’t get my heart off it. It Is both comfy and a beauty.

I Chanel-ed it. This was gifted me on my birthday, so much uniqueness in a pair, comfortable, suitable colour (saddle brown) for all outfit combination-casual yet stylish. You can never go wrong with Zara-Chanel.

Get to know more about Zara-Chanel and also shop  here and here and here

However, I gave us some guides to going for the right footwear here, it is important to note this.

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  1. They look lovely and like they'll go with everything.

    1. Yes dear, they definitely go for every outfit combination....thanks for having a read

  2. Those yellow heels are great for summer. Love them. <3

    1. wow! I quite agree with you.. Thanks for dropping by


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