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Hello!! Beautiful people.
Shoes and health are linked to one another, never forget that.
It’s funny how people make common mistakes when deciding what shoes to wear just because they don’t give it much thought, because they follow fads and pay little attention to what is good for their feet.
"ONE GOOD SHOE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE" _Walt Disney's Cinderella

Go for Flip-flops: Actually, talking about flip-flops, I mean sandals, ballet slipper, casual canvas. Always remember to check properly inside shoes before buying them. Be sure it has contoured arches in them and foot bed support such as heel cup, otherwise could lead to serious foot pain.

High heeled shoes: Apart from the fact that high heels enhances a ladies look, its sexy and sometimes the most appropriate shoe to wear based on social standards for social attire and business. No one is saying not to wear them unless you have foot problems, because you might just be adding to your problems and suffering. When buying heels, consider comfort as well as good looks. There’s a little harm in choosing your footwear for the sake of fashion only.

While on Heels- You are prone to injuries and unsteady balance, sprained ankles, foot/toe issues, problems with your back and posture as well. Remember, your body was not designed to walk naturally with your foot at angle.

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Word For Today: “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet” _Christian Dior

Athletic Shoes: Cycling shoes are for cycling, running shoes for running, these are specified to help you with your performance and considering the condition of the environment.

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Wear Socks: Apart from flip-flops and sandals, socks is important and protect your feet.
  •         It helps provide additional shock absorption
  •           It helps keep your foot dry, away from moisture
  •          It prevents cuts and scrapes that could occur if your foot is rubbing against the seams of shoes.

Ok, that's it

 I Hope this helped? How do you deal with choosing  the right footwear. Leave a comment and share your thought. Let’s CONNECT!!!


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  1. You are totally right that footwear are so important for health. So we should all always choose the right footwear. Particularly for our posture, back and rest of the body as well. It's important to have comfortable and right shoes

    1. Most definitely. people don't seem to consider all these before buying shoes, i used to be a novice before anyway until i discovered these tips. thanks NEHA for visiting and i hope u visit often

  2. I love the engaging tone in your writing. Friendly and fun, a little chatty. It works well.

    1. Thanks DANIEL ROVIRA, this means a lot to me. hope you had fun.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Foot health is something a lot of people are ignorant about and don't take seriously. Choosing the right footwear is an important part of not just foot health but overall health and posture. Nice write-up.

    1. Shoes are meant to satisfy fashion as well as health and comfort. i hope people understand that. thanks for leaving your thought and hope you visit again

  4. as a young boy, i gat no time to select a perfect footwear, anyone goes whether it matches or not

    1. Maybe you should try looking into it, unless you've been lucky with buying nice and fitted ones


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