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          Hi guys!! 
If there’s one thing that gets me all revved up and excited in this fashion game is finding people with real style, people that make the most basic outfit look really cool and slay effortlessly.
Coolest way to style a mom's jean

Imagine this, after some time stalking stylish people i came to realize that you don’t really need a large superb wardrobe or be a fashionista to look stylish or cool.

Besides the ripped jeans that I dedicated a whole post on how to slay, the mom's jeans are in fashion and are definitely hot.no jokes. Lol. Even though they are not the most attractive or becoming pair of jeans, however, the cool vibes it gives when properly styled can not be denied.
A mom's jean+polo

mom's jean+hat

shop for mom's jeans here:

Most people would prefer their moms jean folded at the legs, well that's your call. mmmm…. I love folded jeans anyway plus I thinks it gives a stylish style.. Lol
mom's jean+ a sleeve dress

mom's jean + a slinging coat

mom's jean
Before we get any further, You could style the mom's jeans with virtually any kind of top. A slinging coat would do no harm, a mom's jean jacket like I styled in the wristwatches post. Round your looks up with a pair of sneakers, gives a good look and an instant cool vibe.

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  What do you think about the moms jeans, love it????? Hate it??? Wouldn’t even try it???
Leave me your thoughts, like, share,lets connect

Meanwhile, I’ll be putting off these tips into practice in my next style post…kikikiki

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